BBC 582/598 RS
This  short block starts with a Dart Big M block 10.2" that we fully machine and fill with all new components.

4340 Forged Eagle Crankshaft
4340 Forged H Beam Eagle rods
JE / Wiseco pistons
Mahle file fit rings
Clevite H series bearings

This assembly is fully machined, balanced ( internal) and assembled.                                 $4,895.00
We have many options or upgrades available.

 Billet main caps                                                                                      295                    Callies Compstar H beam rods                                                              295
 Manley H beam rods w/2000 bolts                                                         300
 Oliver billet rods                                                                                      975
 GRP Aluminum rods                                                                               695
 Callies Compstar Crankshaft                                                                  195
 Callies Dragon slayer crankshaft                                                            695
 Callies Magnum Crankshaft                                                                    975 
 JE Blower pistons                                                                                    200
 JE / Wiseco 14.5 pistons                                                                         250
 Machine for .904 lifters                                                                            250
 O ring with stainless wire                                                                         150
 Hellfire rings                                                                                             150
This block is also available with a cam package that comes with
Solid roller billet cam
  Double row billet timing set with torrington bearing
  Cam button with bearing
 This is also available as a deluxe short block that comes with.

 Solid roller billet cam
 Double row billet timing set with torrington bearing
 Cam button with bearing
 Polished aluminum timing cover
 Billet timing pointer
 SFI approved harmonic balancer
 Melling oil pump and drive shaft
 Moroso kickout sump oil pan
 FelPro gaskets
                                                    add $1350.00
 ATI Balancer      220.00