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Here is our January feature engine, it is a 540 Big Block Chevy with Holley Sniper EFI, we do have it on special for $11,500

Congratulations to Wes May for an outstanding year, this has got to be one of the best bracket race cars in the country with the best driver. We are proud to say a Nyes Racing Engine powered him to the winner circle so many times.

At NYES AUTOMOTIVE it is our goal to build the most reliable and powerfull engine possible at a reasonable price. We only use the best equipment available from our state of the art Rottler cnc mill for block work, Rottler diamond hone, Serdi seat and guide machine, to our DTS engine dyno, we believe that we are your one stop engine shop.


Here are a few of our winning customers and their Hot Rods

Gary May  Small block Chevy
Tim Irwin 598 Big Block Chevy
Troy Stone  598 SR20 Big Block Chevy
S&S Auto 540 Big Block Chevy with Enderle hat and Holley EFI system
Taylor and Taylor trucking NTPA Region 2 4wd and Hoosier state 2014 point champion
Marc Mccreery  638 Big Block Ford  NTPA and Hoosier State 4wd Modified
Holley  EFI Is now available on all engine combinations from Pump gas, E85, Race gas and Methanol. Call for details. Nyes Automotive is now a certified Holley EFI install and tune center.
Time to start thinking about your engine for next season, so the guys at Nyes have come up with a plan for a early winter engine freshen up plan. We will take your engine and disassemble, clean all parts and inspect, we will then.
•Check main bores for proper size and alignment
•Check cylinders and hone with torque plate
•Polish crank and check for proper size
•Check pistons and ring lands for size and wear
•Inspect oil pump
•Check cylinder heads for straight and cracks, do multi angle valve job, grind valves, set  spring height and reassemble.
•Reassemble complete engine, check bearing clearance, file rings, check piston to valve  clearance, check valve train for proper pushrod length.
•Dyno test engine, check for proper tune up and tune as needed, check for proper power  level.
Standard parts for this include.
•Clevite H series bearings
•Mahle file fit rings (standard or low tension)
•Fel Pro gasket set
•PBM double roller timing set
•Melling oil pump
•Oil, filter, and fuel for dyno

This package is yours for only                       $2,195.00
There will be an additional charge for any extra parts or service needed

We are now offering a cummins 24 valve cnc ported stage 1 head. In the stock form a 5.9 common rail will flow about 185 when we get finished it will flow 234 on the intake and 238 on the exhaust.
You get 24 new valve seats
24 bronze valve guide liners
24 valve seals
This head is cnc ported and hand finished
This head is assembled with stock valves and springs
There will be a $500.00 core charge.